2018 Season

7:30 pm Thurs-Sat Aug 2-4

4:00 pm Sun Aug 5

at Ouray's Wright Opera House

All faults I make, when I shall come to know them,

I do repent: What’s gone, and what’s past helpe

Should be past greefe.

Raging jealousy destroys a marriage, a family, a friendship, a kingdom.

What can resurrect them?

The magic of love and compassion.

Shakespeare's wild romantic comedy of redemption

performed with the energy, intensity, and delight that Shakespeare intended.

King Leontes of Sicilia tries to convince his best friend King Polixenes of Bohemia to extend a state visit that has already lasted nine months. He fails. But when Queen Hermione of Sicilia asks Polixenes to stay longer, Polixenes agrees. Leontes’ suspicions about them erupt into an overwhelming jealousy, and soon two kingdoms are in crisis.

Well, it sounds familiar: every tragedy shows what happens when a noble character makes a terrible error, and then pays for it, terribly. Othello kills Desdemona, and then… himself. King Lear destroys his own kingdom, then dies.

In a comedy, by contrast, young lovers’ antics as they overcome obstacles leads them to marriage, and, somehow, the restoration of their broken world.

The Winter’s Tale is unique in containing both visions. It is tragic yet hopeful, comic yet significant. Life goes on, as Time will tell you. “The king shall live without an heir,” warns the oracle, “if that which is lost be not found.”

All is lost. What can be found?

We are so excited to share with you this strange and wonderful play.