2019 Season

7:30 pm Fri and Sat July 19 and 20

2:30 pm Sat and Sun July 20 and 21

at Ouray's Wright Opera House

Shall we their fond pageants see?

Lord, what fools these mortals be.

Each play No Holds Bard has chosen, from Measure for Measure in 2005 to The Winter's Tale in 2018, we've chosen because we simply could not imagine how it could work, what it would have been like in its original performance conditions, and we were so utterly curious to find out, along with our audience. Therefore, we've never gotten around to A Midsummer Night's Dream. It seems obvious that audiences will love it. This play is so patently delightful, so full of hilarity and magic and wonder, so rife with humor that seems ripped from a sitcom or rom-com written today... we just hadn't gotten to it. Until now. And for all those reasons, now we're so excited to play with the script.

And we're really excited about the casting too: local audiences will remember Skylar Sprague, who played Polixenes in last year's WT, and Dayna Geiger, who was Hermione, and who will lead the cast this summer as Theseus/Oberon and Hippolyta/Titania; Jake Abell and Mitch Slevc will return as Peter Quince and Bottom; four spectacular Denver actors will play the feuding lovers; and local actors of all ages will fill out the largest Shakespeare cast NHB has ever put on stage: 19 in all. It'll be wild. And rightly so: for us, the play is about the magical wild world beneath all our appearances of civilization, the magical wild love that redeems all our quarrels.