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Athenian NobilityTheseus, Duke of Athens: Skylar SpragueHippolyta, Queen of the Amazons: Dayna GeigerEgeus, Courtier, Father of Hermia: John KissingfordHermia, in love with Lysander: Jenna Moll ReyesLysander, in love with Hermia: Quinn MarchmanHelena, in love with Demetrius: Ilasiea GrayDemetrius, in love with Hermia (uh, oh!): Morgan Wright
Athenian WorkmenPeter Quince, a carpenter: Jake AbellNick Bottom, a weaver: Mitch SlevcSnout, a tinker: Elizabeth MuellerStarveling, a tailor: Mar BoydSnug, a joiner: Heather TothFlute, a bellows-mender: Hadley Gallen
The Fairy WorldOberon, King of the Fairies: Skylar SpraguePuck (and other fairies): in service to Oberon: Nate Kissingford (and ensemble)Titania, Queen of the fairies: Dayna GeigerPeaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, : Natasha and Ariel Hessler, and Mustardseed: in service to Titania: Mica Hart, and Venisha Harding
Crew:Direction: John KissingfordMovement and Costumes: Melissa DemuthMusic: Jake Abell


Skylar and Jake at the home of Terry KiserDayna Geiger Sheelaugh WilliamsQuinn and Mitch Sue HillhouseJenna and Ilasiea Bob and Karen RischAt need: Scott and Heidi Pankow