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Athenian NobilityTheseus, Duke of Athens: Skylar SpragueHippolyta, Queen of the Amazons: Dayna GeigerEgeus, Courtier, Father of Hermia: John KissingfordHermia, in love with Lysander: Hadley GallenLysander, in love with Hermia: Quinn MarchmanHelena, in love with Demetrius: Candace JoiceDemetrius, in love with Hermia (uh, oh!): Cody Davis
Athenian WorkmenPeter Quince, a carpenter: Jake AbellNick Bottom, a weaver: Mitch SlevcSnout, a tinker: Ellen MetrickStarveling, a tailor: Mar BoydSnug, a joiner: Heather TothFlute, a bellows-mender: Elizabeth Mueller
The Fairy WorldOberon, King of the Fairies: Skylar SpraguePuck (and other fairies): in service to Oberon: Nate Kissingford (and ensemble)Titania, Queen of the fairies: Dayna GeigerPeaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, : Natasha and Ariel Hessler, and Mustardseed: in service to Titania: Mica Hart, and Venisha Harding
Crew:Direction: John KissingfordMovement and Costumes: Melissa DemuthMusic: Jake Abell


Skylar and Jake at the home of Terry KiserDayna Sheelaugh WilliamsMitch Sue HillhouseQuinn and Cody Bob and Karen RischCandace Scott and Heidi Pankow
Curtain skit 19
Finale cue script - Google Docs.pdf