Comments from our fans:

“I've never had so much fun watching a Shakespeare play! No Holds Bard has opened up a whole new world to me.”

“They do Shakespeare so differently from the dry and safe format we've all gotten used to.”

“I have not had so much fun at a theatre event in years. This was true talent in action. There was comedy and drama in the script by what's-his-name (who's pretty good by the way), but the story was made even funnier by the quick reactions of the cast members. Hilarious. In terms of learning, I got more insight into how those brave Elizabethans actually put plays together than reading any two books on Shakespeare.”

"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your performance last Saturday. It was truly wonderful, frolicking, and spontaneous. Plus, I could actually understand what the actors were saying!

“I was completely bowled over by the wonderfulness of the play.”

"The actors were truly reacting to what was going on around them, which made the play incredibly more believable and amusing to the audience member such as myself, truly conveying the comedy that was meant for the play and avoiding tacky recreations of emotions."

"It was a true re-enaction of what Shakespeare intended the play to be, thus, it was like stepping into a brief section of history, back to what the first Shakespearean audiences experienced. I was extremely impressed"

“This is the only Shakespeare production I’ve ever enjoyed.”

“I understood everything”

“I wish it were always performed this way!”

“It was the funnest Shakespeare production I've ever been to. It was fast and furiously funny, and there was lots of opportunity for audience participation. The humor in the play really came through, plus I really enjoyed this behind-the-scenes glimpse of actors creating the characterization in front of my eyes."

"Your work brought out the sheer entertainment value of the play while in no way diminishing its richness."

“I felt like I was at the Globe in 1604--except it smelled better!”