The Company

John Kissingford (artistic director) studied with Shakespearean scholars at Princeton (BA '89), Harvard (Ed.M. '95), and the Bread Loaf School of English (MA '00) in Middlebury and Oxford before earning his MFA in acting in 2003. Since then he has acted with many regional and touring companies, and explored Original Practice approaches to Shakespeare with both the New England Shakespeare Festival and No Holds Bard, which he and Kate founded in 2005.

Kate Kissingford (managing director) co-founded No Holds Bard after an inspiring summer of work with New England Shakespeare Festival. After her MFA degree in theater and many years as an actor in various companies, she earned a Master's degree in marriage and family therapy. In her practice, she applies principles of deep presence and empathy that grow out of her acting training.

Actors: Jake Abell, Kim Carrell, Regina Fernandez, Dayna Geiger, Drew Horwitz, Candace Joice, Michelle Kaye, William Kincaid, Nate Kissingford, Quinn Marchman, Lindsey Pierce, Jessica Robblee, Mitch Slevc, Skylar Sprague, Heather Toth, Morgan Wright and others.